A framework for your IoT ecosystem

Crossbreed is based on a secure and event driven IT infrastructure that:

  • Connect streams of data
  • Empower agile software development
  • Scale and manage services
  • Generate business value through an easy on-boarding of new devices, services and applications

Customer interaction – as we know it today

Today’s batch oriented IT backend generally supports everyday business based on product sales and customer interaction through a monthly invoice and occasional ”customer care”

Mind the GAP

The IT legacy is not built to handle the connected products and cloud services that companies need to build new data driven products. There is a GAP between the existing IT infrastructure and the IT infrastructure that is needed for stitching together legacy, cloud and IoT – in order to realize the online, real-time based services that are the foundation for the new everyday business.

Customer interaction – in a new business era

The solution is a middleware for the IoT ecosystem, built on the Crossbreed framework. It retrofits the legacy IT backend with real-time supporting capabilities. Crossbreed enables fast and lightweight integrations, inserts security and manages APIs. Thus facilitating a controlled and agile way of building new services on top of other services, which will establish and expand your company’s digital eco system.