We are entering a new
business arena

The fourth industrial revolution has now arrived, emerged from the increasing digitization and interconnection of products, value chains and business models. This shift is commonly known as Internet of Things or Industry 4.0 – building a foundation for innovative and disruptive approaches to business development. The Crossbreed framework is designed for Industry 4.0 information management and operation, still allowing the legacy business to prevail.

Let us present you with a key example

From selling FORKLIFTS
– to selling MOVEMENT OF GOODS

  • For the traditional, product selling company, the hard ware (like a forklift) represent the business creating value. Differentiation is made by own development of hardware and related software. IT-systems are bought in set modules.
  • When shifting focus to selling function based services (movement of goods), the hardware is just a resource in delivering the service. This demands for a totally new approach to R&D.
  • The company need to put up a digital equivalent of a factory to build digital products by using and fortifying underlying internal or external services like data regarding what the manufactured product (forklift) perform – in order to create new business values.
  • Crossbreed is an extremely secure and competent framework for this “digital factory”, enabling agile development of services that will give the company competitive edge on the new business arena.