The world is facing
a true revolution

A revolution that will change industries, the economy and people’s lives

The new paradigm is digital, allowing new business models to flourish, and new actors to innovate, grow and compete on a global scale.

Winning the digital race is not about connecting the most devices, but about transforming data into services that open up for whole new business arenas.

How do you plan to face this challenge?

Meet Crossbreed
– your new best friend

Crossbreed is a development and service distribution framework

  • with security, integration and BPM at heart
  • bridging the gap between legacy IT-systems and the online, cloud-based world
  • allowing companies to focus on the functional and business related aspects of IoT

Enabling one overall user experience

Crossbreed brings numerous underpinning systems, services and technologies into one coherent user experience

Unlock your business power by transforming data into tailored services

Do you want to know more?

Download the whole story about what Crossbreed did for E.ON.