Crossbreed Smarter Heating

Proven energy savings with Crossbreed Smarter Heating

Crossbreed Smarter Heating is a white-label energy optimization service for buildings, possible to integrate and embed to any heating application. In short, it is a service that analyses relevant information enabling intelligent reduction of heating energy consumption in buildings, while maintaining a comfortable indoor climate. The result is an automated service that provides energy savings of 10-12 percent.

Over the past three years, the self-learning algorithms used in the solution have achieved an average energy saving of 11.9 % across the buildings actively controlled. This impressive figure shows the effectiveness of the technology in driving significant energy efficiency improvements for our partners and clients.

Today the service Is embedded in solutions such as Cetetherm Optimizer, Bravida Proptech Box Heat and Siemens Climatix IC Smart Energy. Yet another step in our plan to provide Smarter energy for a sustainable future.