About Crossbreed

Innovative solutions to empower smart energy services

Crossbreed creates innovative solutions to empower smart energy services. The company was founded in 2011 and is located in Malmö, Sweden.

The idea for Crossbreed took off a decade ago when the founders Thomas Höglund and Patrick Isacson envisioned a strong demand for a unified and digital smart energy ecosystem, given the need for and the growth of implementation of climate-clever solutions to the market. Since 2014 Crossbreed have successfully developed and provided an IoT framework for the energy sector in Scandinavia.

Today we provide a complete ecosystem of smart energy services, including a multitude of algorithms that work autonomously and in symbiosis, to bring tangible financial, environmental and operational improvements in networks, buildings and homes. We call it the Crossbreed Energy OS. Our services are implemented in existing systems, which opens up endless possibilities for optimising energy anywhere.

Now we take the next step to support an entirely open ecosystem of energy-related algorithms, services and products. Europe aim to be the first climate neutral continent in the world, and we aim to support that.


Smarter energy for a sustainable future.


To connect all the world’s energy data to all the world’s energy algorithms.

Business Idea

Our business idea is to close the gap between business and technology through a lean transformation of AI algorithms, systems and sensors into commercially viable Energy Optimisation Solutions-as-a-Service.