Crossbreed Energy OS

The digital energy ecosystem

Crossbreed Energy OS is a cloud-based infrastructure connecting systems and algorithms to work in symbiosis to optimize all parts of the energy system. Available via one single API.

Crossbreed Energy OS enables interconnected data streams, forming commercially viable OEM-solutions that optimise the district heating supply and distribution side, branded and sold to energy companies by Crossbreeds partners.

Energy companies consume these services in a secure way via one single interface. They can choose to consume a specific service or function, or let several solutions work in symbiosis to optimise all parts of the energy system.

Removing complexity – accelerating growth

The energy market today consists of many providers of algorithms, systems and sensors approaching the market with individual, stand-alone, non-interconnected offerings. We call it an Egosystem.

The problem is that even though many solutions are connected, the suppliers leave it up to the customer to interconnect them into a functioning solution. This makes integration of these services complex and costly.

Crossbreed “connects the dots” into an easy to implement and ready to use energy optimisation service. So that different solutions can work together and become an Ecosystem.

With Crossbreed Energy OS we move from Egosystems to Ecosystems, tear down the technical silos and focus on scalable business growth.


Crossbreeds’ energy optimisation services brings financial, operational, and environmental values for all heating and cooling value chain parties.

The heating system providers and the building automation suppliers improve their traditional products with AI-based services. Their new offering lowers energy usage and maintenance costs for property owners, and simultaneously increases tenant satisfaction by improving the indoor climate.

In parallel, energy companies can use the services to optimise the distribution and production side of the network, but also grow in the value chain with new offerings and improved customer interaction.

At the same time the algorithm providers will have their solutions accessible to a broader range of system providers and customers, reaching a more extensive market being a part of Crossbreed Energy OS.

By making all these solutions work together Crossbreed Energy OS brings tangible values to all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Last but not least, optimising the use of energy will lower the CO2 emissions. Our service makes any offering in which it is included environmentally friendly since they reduce the global carbon footprint of heating and cooling. That’s a huge value for the entire community – now and for generations to come.