Crossbreed and NODA expand the collaboration

The glue between AI and Energy. NODA and Crossbreed are making world-leading thermal AI solutions readily available and scalable.

The future of energy optimisation services starts now. The collaboration between Crossbreed and NODA marks a new step forward in the sustainable energy transition by making thermal AI solutions readily available and scalable. Crossbreed creates a single-access-point digital energy eco-system, the Crossbreed EnergyOS, for empowering intelligent energy optimisation solutions. NODA is a premium provider of thermal AI solutions with a best-in-class track record since 2005. Together, the companies have already brought innovative energy solutions to the market. Now, they are further consolidating their efforts through a joint global market agreement.

The agreement provides a platform for technology and business development between NODA and Crossbreed. The NODA thermal AI solutions have already been full-scale integrated within the digital ecosystem Crossbreed EnergyOS. This provides a competitive framework for solutions relating to demand response, system temperature optimisation, active energy services, advanced analytics and other innovative thermal solutions provided by NODA. This framework is based on the scalable, secure and resilient data communication and management infrastructure provided by Crossbreed, enabling one single access point to a broad range of automation solutions. The framework is already used by market actors such as Cetetherm, Wideco, Siemens and others.

The agreement brings Crossbreed and NODA together through a joint technology approach as well as a business collaboration in relation to marketing and sales. The initial markets addressed are primarily Scandinavia, UK and Poland, with others soon to follow.

“The joint technology framework creates a system of systems enabling innovative energy services, while the agreement creates a business of businesses throughout all our active markets and beyond. It’s really all about working together.” – Christian Johansson, CEO at NODA

”Our ambition is to strengthen our EnergyOS with the best of breed energy technologies, such as NODA’s thermal AI solutions. With this collaboration Crossbreed is taking yet another step towards a complete eco-system of smart energy services” – Thomas Höglund, CEO at Crossbreed

Crossbreed creates the Crossbreed Energy OS, an eco-system of innovative solutions to empower smart energy services. Crossbreed is located in Malmö, Sweden. For more information, please see or contact Thomas Höglund at or +46 708 551 000.

NODA Intelligent Systems has been creating best-in-class thermal AI solutions since 2005. NODA is based in Sweden with partners globally. For more information, please see or contact Christian Johansson at or +46 454 10 271.