Framework/Platform Developer with a passion for AWS (full time)

May 3, 2022

We at Crossbreed want to be part of saving the world by reducing the amount of energy needed to facilitate buildings and homes. Hence, we aid utilities to switch to green, sustainable energy and consequently reduce their fossil fuel-related energy consumption. We do this by connecting all energy related equipment to AI and Machine Learning algorithms that minimizes energy consumption and CO2 output.

Would you like to be part of the sustainability revolution? Finally… as a coder you can really make a difference!

“We take great pride in helping the environment by creating a highly efficient platform that minimizes CO2 footprint for one of our most energy consuming business!”

Mario Toffia, CTO Crossbreed

What we do

Crossbreed is developing a platform that will enable others to develop environmentally friendly solutions. In this way, we really scale so we can achieve our mission to connect all equipment to AI algorithms. The other half of the solution is to automate *everything*; from logistics, onboarding of new equipment to support. As part of achieving that goal we develop a rather sophisticated configuration engine called “living configuration”, ultra-fast energy integration framework as well as a core framework that utilize from AWS components such as configuration, operations, API, security & compliance, and AI support.

We try to do this not wasting a single electron too much. Therefore, we embrace to optimize code, data, queries and we do everything serverless in the AWS cloud. The end game is to only do a job when a need occurs and to do it in the most efficient way possible.

…and everything is coded in Golang!

The position

You are one of those who are interested in creating SDK, framework functionality that allows others to thrive and develop on top of it.

In this position you:

1) are enhancing yourself in framework / core development
2) will gain even deeper knowledge of cutting-edge AWS Cloud Services, especially their serverless solutions
3) will gain expertise in cleantech / sustainability solutions.

We look for someone who:

• has a very high interest in the google go language
• has a keen interest in cloud technology, especially AWS / serverless
• really wants to implement generic functionality, SDKs and likes to optimize code / solutions!

… and of course, have a keen interest in saving our planet! 😉

If you feel like this is your call – don’t hesitate to contact

work@crossbreed in short

We are a small start-up that allows for a very flexible workplace and therefore you have a great ability to affect your own work environment.

It is nice if you can be at the office in Malmö a few days a week, but it is not a must. You can be situated anywhere in the world if you can participate in meetings such as dailies and “whiteboard” sessions. Other than that, you may choose to work any time to allow for your life puzzle and your preferred working hours. We also like it if you – like us – do sports and support such activities!

Different people have different preferences; we are an open workplace that does not discriminate, instead we try to encourage you to be who you are! Also, if you don’t like e.g., travel, we will make sure that you don’t need to travel and so on.

We regard competence very, very high and therefore never stop learning is key for your successful career. We highly regard if you like to indulge yourself in literature or courses both while working and in your free time. We may also be a sponsor if you have an open-source project.

If you like to network with people, we encourage you to do so to gain and spread competence. We also try to go to conferences together such as AWS re:Invent / summit or GopherCon etc. to get together and thrive.

Since computers and phones are essential tools, you can choose your hardware quite freely – but we really like Apple hardware here 😉

We would love to hear from you!

We encourage you to send in your application as soon as possible, as we will go through the applications on an ongoing basis. Send your application to