Crossbreed to empower smart energy solutions

Since 2014 Crossbreed have successfully developed and provided an IoT framework for the energy sector in Scandinavia.

However, visioning a strong demand and growth for a unified smart energy ecosystem, and the need for implementation of climate-clever solutions to the market, Crossbreed have decided to focus all our efforts to develop intelligent, scalable and sustainable district heating and cooling solutions.

Our ambition is to provide a complete ecosystem of smart energy services, including a multitude of algorithms that work autonomously and in symbiosis, to bring tangible financial, environmental and operational improvements in networks, buildings and homes. We call it the Crossbreed Energy OS.

Already this autumn we will launch our first services, in close cooperation with leading actors on the market.

About Crossbreed AB

Crossbreed create innovative solutions to empower smart energy services. The company was founded in 2011 and is co-owned by the founders and Data Ductus*. Crossbreed is located in Malmö, Sweden.


Thomas Höglund, Founder & CEO, +46-708 55 10 00,

Patrick Isacson, Founder, +46-738 31 88 40,

* Data Ductus Group, founded in 1989, is a privately held company providing consultancy services towards the ICT and Public Sector. DataDuctus has 250 employees located in five different offices in Scandinavia, the US and Singapore.