Bravida enables Smarter Energy Optimisation together with Crossbreed

June 22, 2023

Bravida launches a new solution to help the real estate industry reduce energy demand. Through a new collaboration with Crossbreed, property owners are offered a unique solution for energy optimisation supported by intelligent algorithms.

Bravida recently entered into an agreement with Crossbreed, one of the leading providers of intelligent energy optimisation services.

Together with partners like Crossbreed, a new solution called Proptech BOX has been developed, aiming to optimise the use of heat in buildings. Through this solution, different algorithms act as decision-support in the operation of the building’s heating system. Adding more data and using intelligent algorithms reduces the building’s energy use while improving the indoor climate.

– There is a lot going on the property industry right now. Digitization, Proptech, IoT and AI are just some of the words that are often mentioned in the buzz around our market. These are words that are not always easy to understand or that provide clear values for property owners”, says Stefan Sandström, Head of Building Automation at Bravida.

– Energy efficiency however is a clear value and here we at Bravida want to take a leading position. Bravida Proptech BOX is our answer to the customer’s need to easily and cost-effectively digitize old systems, but also to replace old systems with new standardized solutions. The focus is on the value of energy savings.”

The first version of the Proptech BOX has the extension “Heat” and is adapted to modernize old district heating substations. Through an open collaboration with partners in the ecosystem, it is not only ready for use in a property with smart regulation (AI), but also prepared to be integrated into the smart distribution network of the future.

Bravida Is the Nordic market’s leading supplier of end-to-end technical solutions in service and installation, with over 13,000 employees and a presence in around 180 locations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Bravida’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm

About Crossbreed

Crossbreed creates innovative solutions to empower smarter energy for a sustainable future. Our mission is to connect all the world’s energy data with all the world’s energy algorithms, to offer easy access to energy optimization. We call it Crossbreed EnergyOS.

The company was founded in 2011 and is co-owned by the founders, the global IT consultancy firm Data Ductus AB and INTIC Capital Partners. Crossbreed is located in Malmö, Sweden.